1" - M42 Wood Cutting 5130mm And Above

1" - M42 Wood Cutting 5130mm And Above

Made to order

All blades are made to order so please allow between 3-5 working days for UK delivery


Delivery is either by Royal Mail or Courier depending on weight

Postage Costs

UK Postage Costs  £3.50 for orders up to £60.00, £5.00 for orders of £60.01 and over

European Postage

European Postage Costs  £5.00 for orders up to £30.00, £10.00 for orders of £30.01 to £60.00 and £15.00 for orders of £60.01 and over

Made from triple tempered M42 cobalt high speed steel with hardened teeth, these blades will last on average around 10 times longer than other blades. 
Another advantage of the M42 blades is that they will cut through the occasional nail or screw without damaging the blade or causing the blade to go blunt.
M42 blades are especially popular for cutting re-claimed timber and hardwoods where the extra blade life means that these blades are very economical to run. 
M42 blades require more tension than other blades but have a higher beam strength so running a 1/2" M42 blade is equivelent to running a standard 5/8" blade.
For 5131mm and larger sizes, please contact us for the latest prices. 

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