New stock and an addition

Posted by Ianjohn 04/09/2014 0 Comment(s)
<p>New Stock and an addition</p><p>Some material that’s been out of stock has just been added along with the a new addition to the Sabrecut range.</p><p>There’s now a 1” version of the Sabrecut available made from .025” thick material (standard 1” material is .035”) so there shouldn’t be any issues running and tensioning this blade on bandsaws where the manufacturer state that the machine will run a 1” blade.</p><p>The new material back in stock is:</p><p>3/8” x 10tpi Hobby/Thin Gauge</p><p>1/2" x 6tpi Hobby/Thin Gauge</p><p>3/4" x 6/10 M42 Metal Cutting &nbsp;</p>