About Us

About us…..well about me really as Tuff Saws is a one man band. Don’t let the fact that I’m a one man band put you off though because the one thing that I know about is bandsaw blades and it means that I can make sure that every blade is done the way that I know it should! Even though I aim to make sure that every blade is perfect, I am human and the occasional glitch will inevitably happen and if anything does go wrong then you can be assured that I will do my very best to sort it out.

Most people will know me from my time at Dragon Saws where I built up a reputation for not only supplying quality bandsaw blades but a quality service as well.

A lot of people can find the choice of blades available for bandsaws a bit daunting and I am more than happy to help out with blade choice and any aspect of using a bandsaw.

I have spent years looking for the highest quality materials and certain manufactures are better at making certain types of blades, so I am confident that I only stock the highest quality material from the best manufacturers, including the new SuperTuff range that is exclusive to me and this is the only place that you can buy the SuperTuff range in Europe.

Most of the blades on this site are manufactured to my specifications and are unavailable elsewhere.

I can supply blades to fit almost any bandsaw. Using the latest welding technology I am able to weld bandsaw blades to any length. 
Unlike some other companies, I don’t charge any extra for non standard blades so if you are having trouble finding good quality blades to fit your bandsaw, do not hesitate in getting in touch with me.

Please have a look around the site and if you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting me.