Wood Cutting

Unfortunately there is no such thing as one blade that will cut everything and it is very important to match the correct blade to the type of cutting that you are doing. There are general purpose blades available that are ok for a lot of cutting but if you want to radius cut, veneer cut, cut thick stock or green stock etc then picking the correct blade will make a big difference.

The right bandsaw blade depends on a number of factors including: material being cut; thickness of material being cut; type of cutting (straight or radius) and importance of finish.

The first and most important thing to remember about bandsaw blades is to only use a good quality blade. A good quality blade makes a world of difference and can transform your machine.

The blades that come with a new bandsaw machine are generally poor quality, cheap blades that don’t perform very well and a lot of new bandsaw users think that it’s the machine at fault, not the blade. Changing to a good quality blade will vastly improve the cutting experience.

Not only is the quality of the steel important but also the way that a blade is manufactured will make a huge difference in the performance of the blade.

All the blades sold on this website are made from the highest quality steel, with ground, induction hardened teeth using the latest state of the art technology. This ensures that all the blades are of consistent quality and you can be sure of an accurate, clean cut from a blade that will give excellent value for money and a long blade life.