Using this Site

Hopefully there won't be too many problems using the site as it's been designed to be pretty easy and straight forward to use.

When choosing a bandsaw blade, after choosing the type of blade and width required you will then have a choice of blade lengths. The blade lengths are arranged within various size ranges and in price order. After you've picked the option with the blade length that you require, there are drop down boxes with options to choose the blade length and tooth pitch. 
If the blade length you require is not available in the drop down list, then you can leave the choice as 'Custom Length' and you can then input the size that you require - please make sure that you let me know if it's in mm, cm or inches!

If you are not sure of the blade length required, then you can either put the bandsaw make and model in the optional box or contact me and I will hopefully have details of your bandsaw on file.

If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me