Here are some recent comments and feedback received on the blades and service – all are 100% genuine and for further feedback & comments, I also have an eBay shop (Tuff_Saws) or search on any of the UK woodworking forums (The Wood Haven, UK Workshop, Woodwork UK etc  

Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine (Review Christmas 2010)

SuperTuff Fastcut

“The quality of the weld becomes more apparent when you actually run the blade as there is no sign of it surging backwards and forwards, which often happens if the two ends are not aligned properly” 

“These blades all seem to run perfectly, which makes it much easier to set the guides and thrust roller correctly. For some reason they also seem to run very quietly, presumably because of the lack of vibration”

The Woodworker (Review  June 2010)

SuperTuff Premium & Fastcut

"These really are excellent blades and backed up with knowledge and service of a blade expert, they’re hard to beat. If you have any problems with your bandsaw cutting straight, try one of these blades, I can guarantee it will be a revelation!"


  • Thin Gauge Blades
  • High quality Welds
  • Superb Cutting Performance
  • Expert Service Back-Up


  • None

Value For Money 5 out of 5

Performance 5 out of 5

Customer Comments

"Having recently purchased the SuperTuff Fastcut blades, I find I am now able to resaw wood at a depth of 9" to a very reliable thickness, and faster than any blade I have ever used before. Also, I have only used one blade so far, which has already sawn far more than any other blade and continues to cut well and remains sharp. 

Thanks for a wonderful product.  I feel I have got a new machine!   Mark, Leicester

"Hi Ian, Apologies for not contacting you sooner. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the blades that I bought. They made a huge improvement in the the cutting speed and finish quality over my existing bandsaw blade - it really made me realise just how vital good blades are to the quality of the finished product. Being quite inexperienced with the bandsaw I wasn't sure what level of performance to expect from it, fitting your blades elevated the performance far beyond what I had thought possible. The M42 blade has cut hundreds of feet of 4-8'' semi-seasoned oak (with bark and all) and still feels just as scarily sharp as when it arrived. Cuts are effortless and there's no drift whatsoever, I am getting straighter cuts out of my bandsaw than my table saw now!

Thank you so much for your excellent guidance in choosing the right blades and providing the sort of customer service I thought had long since vanished. I have recommended you to several fellow woodworkers and joiners and I shall certainly be buying any further blades from yourself. All the very best" Paul, Gloucestershire

"Dear Mr John, I have just received the three bandsaw blades that I had ordered from you. As i stated on our phone call, I am a complete novice with bandsaws, and was never very happy using the blade supplied with the machine (now in the bin). I have set up the saw with your blade, and find it a completely different experience, and so would like to thank you firstly for your advice, and secondly for your first class service and product, Thanking you" Keith Tindell, Isle Of Wight

"Hi Ian. Received the bandsaw blades Saturday morning in great condition. Sunday evening, just had chance to fit the first blade I received from you, 3 tpi and re-sawn some 25mm by 150mm iroko. Ended up with 2- 12mm by 150mm pieces...perfect.

I have tried 8 different makes of blades including the bandsaws manufacturers own,,,,none are even close to how good yours are. The bandsaw I have is only half the size and power I really need, but with your blade fitted I have produced as good as a bigger machine. First time I have been happy with the tension I was able to put on the blade and you have a new long standing customer. Thanks for a great service" Darren, Cornwall  

" Ian, just to let you know the blades arrived on thursday. Just fitted the 3/4 one to my bandsaw and the results are amazing! The blade is slicing its way through an ancient lump of burrr like it is butter and i can plane it to a good finish with the minimum of effort. Cheers" Dave Gallagher, North Shields

“I would certainly recommend your company to others (and do) – the blades I used before I found your company were supposed to be good, I now know they were okay but nowhere near as good as yours.  The blade does not twist or flex as much and make my cheap band saw work brilliantly!" DaveN – Turning-time.co.uk

“Tuffsaws - excellent blades and service - cannot be bettered.” Rod Bould

"I have been using bandsaw blades from Ian for several years now. They cut really well, are long lasting and welded to a very high standard. The customer service is excellent with advice freely given and the prices are very competitive. I would not even consider buying elsewhere." Bob, Romsey

”An excellent product, and an excellent service from Ian , he is so knowledgeable on his saw blade I will definitely be using him  again and will always recommend  him to others." Martin

"Supertuff blades represent excellent value for money and you won't beat the service offered by Tuff Saws when shopping for bandsaw blades! Even on a small machine, the thin-kerf steel will allow you to tension the widest of blades and they'll run better than you've ever known. For larger saws capable of tensioning thicker steel, the M42 blades will slice through anything - including the odd nail or twelve! - and they'll continue to cut beautifully!" Olly, Bristol

“Thank you for your recent advice and recommendations on bandsaw blades, I have just fitted the 1/2" x 3tpi SuperTuff Premium and my little bandsaw is cutting beyond my wildest dreams!” Peter Walton, Norfolk